ISN – Legal

This is the legal arm of our network, a number of highly experienced, catastrophic personal injury solicitors who all adopt an agreed set of principles; offering a transparent, ethical and caring approach and giving people no obligation initial support, advice and signposting, allowing those effected by serious or life changing injury the opportunity to understand what is happening and make informed choices in an overwhelming time. Our solicitors use clear and straightforward language to help you understand your options.

What advice is given?

  • Advice in relation to compensation and early interim payments
  • Advice in relation to the criminal justice system and inquests
  • Advice on treatment and rehabilitation options
  • Advice on mobility aids and adaptations
  • Advice on finances, benefits and allowances
  • Advice on counselling, well-being and welfare

We also advise clients following deaths in care settings, murder, manslaughter, domestic homicide, acts of terrorism and mass disaster.

In relation to all of these areas, we work in collaboration with charity partners, including the Homicide Service, who are experts in providing support.

Here to support you and your family.