Our Services

What we do

We recognise the challenges that people and their families face in the aftermath of a life changing incident. We support these people in the event of a death or serious injury. ISN is a nationwide network of professionals working both in and outside of the legal industry to help people navigate their way around the complex and often frustrating world of legal processes, insurance companies, health and educational services, welfare and benefits systems.

The aim is for the network to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ of support and advice, putting people first to help them adjust and rebuild following a life changing event such as:

• Assault
• Workplace accident
• Road traffic collision
• Medical negligence

What advice is given?

  • Advice in relation to compensation and early interim payments
  • Advice in relation to the criminal justice system and inquests
  • Advice on treatment and rehabilitation options
  • Advice on mobility aids and adaptations
  • Advice on finances, benefits and allowances
  • Advice on counselling, well-being and welfare

We also advise clients following deaths in care settings, murder, manslaughter, domestic homicide, acts of terrorism and mass disaster.

In relation to all of these areas, we work in collaboration with charity partners, including the Homicide Service, who are experts in providing support.

Here to support you and your family.